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Vincentian culture preservation is the people’s responsibility – Theobalds

Vincentian culture preservation is  the people’s responsibility – Theobalds


The responsibility for the preservation of Vincentian culture rests with every member of the society.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, Director of Culture Anthony Theobalds said that while some members of the public have complained about the disappearance of some cultural practices, the responsibility of keeping culture alive depends on everyone.

The Director noted that in the past, persons used to make wood scooters, but in today’s society these practices no longer exist.

“We don’t make them any more, and in that context, people just have to recognize that culture is a dynamic thing. It is a changing thing, and it never stays the same.

“Secondly, people have to realize that it is not the responsibility of a government, or just three people; it is the responsibility of the people in general.”

Theobalds also made reference to the historic Nine Morning event during the December season, in which he claims younger persons seem not interested in waking up on mornings to attend.

“If we all decided to sleep on the morning of that second week in December, then ‘Nine Mornings’ will no longer to exist.

“I woke up as a teenager and I continue now as an administrator to get up at that time and to make sure a particular thing is happening. But the thing that I am making sure is happening is not Nine Mornings, it’s the attitude of waking up, and if young people decide that they rather sleep, I can’t control that.

“So the new generation has to decide what it is going to get up for and what it is going to do when it gets up,” he stated.(AA)