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LIME donates laptop to Unsung Hero

LIME donates laptop to Unsung Hero


Local and Regional Unsung Hero John Augustus Roache is the recipient of a Lenovo laptop compliments LIME. On Monday, January 28, Roache, who is also the President of the Ella Roache Foundation, collected the computer from LIME’s General Manager Leslie Jack.{{more}}

When he came to accept the gift, Roache recounted his days as a youngster in Mayreau when Cable and Wireless, now LIME was building the communications tower. He recalled: “I remember the days when my brothers and I used to take sand from the beach with bags and buckets on our heads to the top of the hill. We had no communications and wanted to see the tower built because we wanted the island to connect to the outside world.”

He continued: “We did this work without worrying about payment because we understood the importance of telecommunications services. Payments are not always immediate, and it took me several years before I could now say I am rewarded. All my correspondence is handwritten and the laptop will help me to better organize and structure my work”.

Roache became the FCIB local unsung hero in 2009 and won the Caribbean Unsung Hero in 2010 for work done in helping the poor, and for excellence in Community service. He has given twenty years of voluntary Community Health Service. His eighteen years in education and Common Entrance examination classes and his work done in public welfare distribution in Union Island and Mayreau is unchallenged and brought him the accolades for which is popularly known.

This visionary and Justice of the Peace never allowed the size and remoteness of Mayreau to cast shadows over his dreams. He outlined his vision for the future. A future where there will be world peace. So he started working with world leaders to achieve this goal. His handwritten letters to the Pope, President Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa mean that John Augustus Roache is a force to be reckoned with and the laptop computer coupled with the wireless Internet service at the school in Mayreau have empowered him to achieve one of his goals. His letter to President Obama which encouraged him to work towards seeking peace between North and South Korea resulted in him being placed on the White House mailing list.

Humility oozes from the confident Roache, and he is always first to count his blessings. “I want to thank LIME immensely for the donation, and in particular Mr. Jack. I believe we are related, but notwithstanding, this donation is timely and will go a long way in helping me to achieve my goals. Achieving world peace is not a pipe dream. We have to work harder and I am now 46 years old and I will like my children and grandchildren to follow in my legacy. I have the tools to store and archive my work. I will be more efficient and effective with the laptop and reliable internet. Thanks again to LIME,” said Roache, who will celebrate his birthday and first wedding anniversary on February 5.

General Manager Leslie Jack said: “LIME is always glad to assist Community leaders like Mr. Roache. His work speaks for itself. His leadership and Community spiritedness speak volumes and align with LIME’s values. When one listens to his legacy and follows his work, it was an easy decision to make when we received his sponsorship request. It is very heartening to see young people so dedicated and working towards their goals. Mr. Roache’s work is exemplary. We urge him to continue to follow his dreams and his rewards will be sweet.”

LIME’s work in community and education is unprecedented and we can recall the contributions of $500 thousand towards the rehabilitation after the flash floods in the Georgetown community. In education, the telecommunications giant has sponsored the CXC/CSEC Awards, Schools Public Speaking and four national Scholarships annually.