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Is there going to be a Cabinet reshuffle in SVG soon?

Is there going to be a Cabinet reshuffle in SVG soon?


Although an expected Cabinet reshuffle did not take place on Tuesday, the announcement of one may not be far off.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, at a Press conference on Tuesday, January 31, did not confirm or deny a SEARCHLIGHT article published on the same day that changes to the current portfolios were expected to be announced that day.

“No, there is no announcement today…. I wouldn’t say if it (article) is right. I wouldn’t say it is wrong. Just wait and see if there will be an announcement some time.”

“Somebody must have whispered something to them, but I can’t say to you that the front page article is true,” the Prime Minister noted.

In the article, SEARCHLIGHT stated that the main item on Tuesday’s agenda was expected to be the announcement of changes in the portfolios of some Ministers, including Health, Tourism, Agriculture, Housing, Physical Planning, Lands and Surveys, and Sports and Culture.

However, Dr Gonsalves spoke on matters arising from his Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) meeting, LIAT shareholders meeting, his act of reconciliation towards Opposition Parliamentarians, and other matters.

When asked, he pointed out that Cabinet reshuffles were not uncommon in his administration, so it is not… would not be unusual for a prediction on a reshuffle to take place.

“During the near 11 years I’ve been Prime Minister, from time to time I’ve done reshuffles; changed some portfolios… in the first year, after a year. I’ve done it at different points in time…. As chairman of the Cabinet, you’re always doing these assessments, so persons predict Cabinet reshuffles. They may be right, whereas they may not be right because they are things which are done.”

“So in relation to this SEARCHLIGHT article, I know the editor is a wonderful lady…. If it is somebody else who had written it, who I know may have manufactured something, I would probably have said it’s a manufactured story, but I know the SEARCHLIGHT doesn’t manufacture things like that; certainly to put on their front page….”

The Prime Minister likened the article to predictions made by Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace concerning elections, except that the SEARCHLIGHT article may be more accurate.

“Of course, the Leader of the Opposition is a master at this one: he predicts elections all the time; after last elections he gave me six months, and within a few days it is to be a year. I see he is now saying ‘I believe.’”

“On a scale of zero to ten… your story on the front page of the likelihood of a Cabinet reshuffle, and that of Mr. Eustace that there is going to be a general election some time this year; Mr. Eustace belief is closer to zero, whereas SEARCHLIGHT story would be on the continuum on a number beyond zero.”

“I could tell you that Eustace ain’t going to be right this year.”(JJ)