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Friend’s death and birth dates make Brewster EC$85,000 richer

Friend’s death and birth dates make Brewster  EC$85,000 richer


A deceased friend’s dates of birth and death were used by Calder resident June Brewster, and resulted in her winning EC$85,000 in the first National Lotteries Authorities (NLA) jackpot winner for the New Year.{{more}}

Brewster bought a ticket with the numbers 4, 6, 12, 21, 24, and on Friday, January 27, they were announced in the National Lottery draw.

The winning ticket was bought at Thomas mini-mart at Calder, and according to Brewster, she has been playing the numbers along with two other sets for the past six months.

“She was born December 24, and the 12 is for December. She died on the 21 of the 4th month and was buried on the 6th.

“She was a dear friend to my heart…” Brewster added.

A joyful Brewster claimed that when the lottery numbers were drawn on Friday night, she didn’t have enough time to record the information, but on Saturday morning she confirmed she was the jackpot winner.

“My first order of the day is to give God thanks and praises for it. I’m going to spend it wisely… I’m a Spiritual Baptist, and I usually have a ‘Thanksgiving’ praise every year and by the grace of God. It’s going to be bigger this year with the help of this money,” she said.

Winning the lottery is a blessing to her, she said, as she is now able to assist her sister who resides in the United States and was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

“She has a lot of bills to pay, so I’m going to do what I have to for my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. But God’s order is first and everything else after.

“I was in America for the past sixteen years and I was the bread basket for the family, and I came home because of my mom who passed away, and I was at a point where I was scraping the bottom of the barrel,” she said.

“This is my breakthrough, so I thank God for that,” Brewster commented.

Meanwhile, General Manager of the NLA, McGregor Sealey, during his congratulatory message to Brewster, advised her to spend her winnings “wisely”.

“Her winnings are just $85,000, but it just goes to show that the jackpot can be won at any time. I just want to encourage all of our players to continue playing the National Lottery island numbers game, because one ever knows when luck is going to strike.

“Luck strikes for this lady at $85,000 and luck can strike for anybody at anytime. So I really want to congratulate you and encourage you to please use this money very wisely,” Sealey said.(AA)