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Clarke-Palmer – There is big business in Arts and Craft

Clarke-Palmer – There is big business in Arts and Craft


Participants in the Adult Continuing Education Pottery Industry Development Project have been encouraged to view pottery as more than just another hobby.{{more}}

This advice came from Frances Clarke-Palmer, Director of the Adult and Continuing Education Unit in the Ministry of Education, as she addressed participants during the closing of the programme and the exhibition of pottery pieces at the Cruise Ship Terminal on Monday, January 30.

Clarke-Palmer, in making her remarks, stated that there is ‘big business’ in the arts and craft industry. She stated that Germany makes US$16 million in gift making, while China trades 54 per cent of baskets and 73 per cent in mats. In Africa, she added, US$14 million is gained from crafts.

Clarke-Palmer stated that arts and crafts have tremendous potential and encouraged the persons present to commit to the art form and see it as an avenue for business.

Also speaking at the ceremony, Handicraft Officer Julian Pollard stated that there is a need for product diversification in the arts and crafts. He noted that we should not stay within the boundaries of traditional craft but should examine trends and shifts in the market. Pollard added that a series of programmes was developed, including the pottery programme.

Stating that pottery has been produced in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for many years, Pollard noted that the Caribs were involved in pottery, and that remnants of clay pots have been found where there were Carib settlements.

Pollard stated that he would wish to see pottery “take off”, and added that he hopes to have a stable workshop in Kingstown. He expressed the hope of the establishment of an arts and craft base at Frenches, which should also appeal to tourists.

Also giving brief remarks, Basic Needs Trust Fund CEO Kenneth Douglas said that the project, launched in March 2011, had a few challenges, including a shortage of proper equipment. He encouraged persons to come out and show their skills and endorsed the selling of pottery made in St. Vincent.

The event included an exhibition of pottery pieces at the Cruise Ship Terminal.(OS)