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VincyCares helps boost Agricultural Science at the West St George Secondary

VincyCares helps boost Agricultural Science at the West St George Secondary


The Agricultural Science programme at the West St George Secondary School was given a huge boost on Friday, January 20, thanks to a generous donation of seeds and plant trays from the VincyCares organization.{{more}}

At the official handing over ceremony at the school’s compound, President and co-founder of the three-year-old organization Kenley ‘Shortmus’ John said the donation forms part of his organization’s efforts to give back to the children of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

John, who is the co-founder and President of VincyCares, which has branches both in the United States and St Vincent and the Grenadines, explained that the initiative resulted from discussions held with Parliamentary Representative for West St George and Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment Cecil McKie, while he was in Washington in May 2011. The Minister at that time explained his vision for a healthy West St George and SVG and the plan for an aggressive all-encompassing wellness drive for the nation.

The project will allow about 60 plant material pouches to be placed in the tray. Hot water is then poured over each pouch, which will cause it to swell to a height of three inches. The seeds are then planted in the soil and will germinate within days, after which the entire pod, which is degradable, is transferred into natural earth, after about two weeks.

The Principal, Agricultural Science teacher and Agricultural students were all excited about the possibilities of feeding the school population with healthy fruits and vegetables, and even sale of these items to raise funds for other projects. They all see this as augmenting their existing vegetables and poultry projects, which face several challenges.

Also on hand at the handing-over ceremony, Minister of Health Cecil Mckie said the school has been looking to partner with business entities over the past two years and noted that he is grateful to VincyCares for partnering with the school.

“We are happy to work with the Principal and students to ensure that they are able to achieve all of the objectives they have set…,” McKie added.

Brief remarks also came from the school’s principal Asfo Stephens.

A quantity of athletic gear was also donated to the school with assistance from the HOPE foundation of Buccament.