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Two men seriously injured in Layou crash

Two men seriously injured in Layou crash


The relatives and friends of two North Leeward men are hoping for the speedy recovery of their loved ones, after they suffered multiple injuries over the weekend.{{more}}

The men, Jex Henville and Lemore ‘One Stone’ Pierre, both of Chateaubelair, were struck while standing on the side of the Layou main road on Sunday night, following a friendly domino competition in that town.

Up to press time Monday, January 30, Henville, who suffered head, neck and other injuries, was warded at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, after receiving a CT Scan, while Pierre was warded at the Male Surgical Ward, also with head and neck injuries.

When Searchlight visited the hospital, Pierre’s girlfriend Lenore Harry and other family members were also with him, anxious to accertain the condition of the 45-year-old farmer.

Harry told Searchlight that she received a telephone call informing her that her boyfriend had been killed in the accident, only to find out when she arrived on the scene, that he was still alive.

“I talk to the driver for the car last night. He tell me that they was coming from a funeral in Petit Bordel and when coming they try to get way from a police transport and them run into the two persons.”

The driver was identified by police as Glenroy Bobb of Questelles, driving vehicle with license plates P 4760.

The accident took place sometime after 8 p.m.

One member of the men’s ‘Bounce Back’ domino team, said that the men were on the side of the road waiting for their transportation to take them back to Chateaubelair, and although they had lost the return match to their rivals, they were in good spirits.

“I left them there waiting and chatting and went away; the van driver said he was running late because he was changing his back brakes.

“If I did stick around there the same thing might have happen to me,” the friend added.

The men were described by those who know them as fun loving hard-working individuals, and are hopeful that they will get through the situation, which was considered an unfortunate one, the best way possible.

Police are investigating the accident to determine its causes.