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Energy conservation critical for reduction of consumption


Customers of St Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC) are being reminded of the significance of energy conservation in the upcoming months of the traditional dry season.{{more}}

VINLEC is alerting customers that, traditionally, rainfall decreases during the months of December to May and that, with the reduction of rainfall, the company is required to use more fuel for the generation of electricity, as production at the hydro station decreases. As a result, customers are being encouraged to practice energy conservation as a matter of urgency.

During 2011, VINLEC recorded record-high production at the hydro stations with an average of 22% production at the end of the year. This was as a result of the consistent rainfall during the year. This record-high production at the hydro stations was beneficial to the company and customers as less fuel was utilized for the generation of electricity during 2011. 

VINLEC has already recorded a decline in the production of electricity at the company’s three hydro stations compared to the same period last year. The company will continue to monitor the activities and update customers as necessary. As a responsible company, VINLEC will continue to improve the efficiency of its operations and reminds customers that they, too, can play a role by reducing electricity consumption.

Meanwhile, St Vincent Electricity Services Limited is appealing to the public to desist from lighting fires during the dry season. Members of the public are being warned against lighting fires close to poles, stay wires, ground mounted transformers and other VINLEC infrastructure. 

In the past, VINLEC’s Transmission and Distribution Network has suffered damage as a result of fires. The company has been required to replace burnt out and partly burnt poles and attend to other damaged infrastructure. Any damage to the network can result in disruption to the electricity supply. The company is also concerned about the possible threat to public safety, as fire and electricity are extremely dangerous, collectively.

VINLEC is asking the public to report damage to the Company’s property by calling our emergency number 456-1540.