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Alba Cultural Project launched

Alba Cultural Project launched


As part of efforts to further develop the cultural sector here, the Ministry of Culture has collaborated with ALBA to start a Cultural Project.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, January 30, Chief Cultural Officer Anthony Theobalds revealed that Professor Raul Gorrity Mayol, a representative of the ALBA Cultural Project, is visiting this country to assist with finalizing plans for the project.

Theobalds says Gorrity Mayol, who will be on island over a three-month period, will help with project writings to access the funds and to work with training in the area of cultural development.

He also revealed that there are plans to conduct four workshops during the months of February and March.

According to Theobalds, the ALBA Cultural Project has a number of different types of projects affiliated with culture.

“It has support for virtual museums; it has support for doing some market research to see about getting music from SVG to Latin American countries.”

It was further disclosed that there are also plans to create an ALBA house here, provided that the government makes a building available.

“The ALBA Cultural Project will furnish the building for it to be used as a space that facilitates artistes’ interaction and also facilitates the different segments of cultural training,” Theobalds added.

Financial aid will also be a part of the package as a result of the implementation of the different ALBA projects, Theobalds went on to state.

“The likelihood of that aid being direct money to individual cultural practitioners is small. The money will more likely go into training and projects that are more community valuable…” (AA)