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SSU officer to stand trial for murder of colleague


Police Constable Rohan McDowall, attached to the Special Services Unit (SSU), is now on remand for the shooting death of his SSU colleague PC 494 Kingsley John.{{more}}

He was remanded after being arraigned at the High Court’s Criminal Assizes on Tuesday this week.

At the Preliminary Inquiry, after all the prosecution witnesses had given testimony, attorney for McDowall, Richard Williams, made a no-case submission, citing that McDowall should not be committed to stand trial for murder.

After legal arguments between Williams and Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams, it was agreed by both sides that they would not proceed on the charge of murder, but instead, McDowall would plead guilty to manslaughter when the matter was sent onto the High Court.

However, when the matter was called up for hearing at the Assizes last October, McDowall pleaded not guilty to the charge and told the court that Sir Richard Cheltenham QC from Barbados was representing him in the matter. It was then that the DPP re-instituted the charge of murder against McDowall.

At this current Assizes, McDowall was arraigned for murder and was remanded in custody.

John, 27, of Dickson, was killed with an M4 assault rifle shortly after he and other members of his unit had returned from a drug raid. (KW)