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Pen Cayetano – The Punta Rock King

Pen Cayetano – The Punta Rock King


Punta is the music of the Garifuna or Black Caribs who were banished in 1797 from their “Mother Land” Yurumei, which is now known as the Caribbean Island called St Vincent.{{more}}

With little or no possessions, the Garifuna took with them their original music, dances and other aspects of their heritage.

The Punta is one form of that cultural expression that made the perilous journey across the seas to Latin America where most of the Garifuna people reside.

Today Punta is the favourite of all the musical expressions that typify the spirit of Garifuna people everywhere.

One of the popular musicians who keeps the rhythm alive is Pen Cayetano.

Born in Dangriga, on the South-Central coast of Belize, Cayetano developed artistic abilities from his culturally rich environment.

This accomplished painter, song writer and musician plays the percussion and guitar, and his musical style is a fusion of traditional Garifuna Punta music and modern day rock.

The pulsating Punta Rock beat was created in 1981 and made famous through Cayetano’s Turtleshell Band.

The prominent cultural ambassador for Garinagu travels the world and has dedicated his life and talents towards the upliftment and promotion of the Garifuna culture.

Cayetano now lives with his family in Germany, where he is known as the “King of Punta Rock.”

He is constantly in the studios and hosts art exhibitions and workshops with his family band known as The Cayetanos.

His artwork depicts the Belizean Garifuna Heritage.

In 1986, Cayetano was recognized by the National Garifuna Council of Belize for outstanding contribution in the field of Culture and Music.