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Nobody scolds me. I’m a big, grown man! – Leacock

Nobody scolds me. I’m a big, grown man!  – Leacock


Parliamentary representative for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock has made it clear that there will be “no letting up” in the relationship that he has in Parliament with the Speaker of the House, Hendrick Alexander.{{more}}

Speaking at the New Democratic Party (NDP) press conference on Tuesday, Leacock addressed a recent news broadcast on SVGTV, which said that he was “scolded” by the Speaker at the recent sitting of Parliament.

“Nobody scolds me. I’m a big, grown man. I take responsibility for all my actions as a public figure…

“Nobody scolds me, no Speaker. He needs to be scolded and there will be no letting up in the relationship between him and I, in that parliament, because I am the elected servant of the people in the parliament until they decide otherwise.

“He is there by other people tail coat, not me. I am there because the people so choose me until they will have me no more,” Leacock said.

On Friday, January 13, during the debate on the 2012 Budget, the Speaker asked Leacock to withdraw a statement he had made. Leacock initially refused and this almost resulted in him losing his chance to debate the 2012 Budget.

Leacock, however, was defended by his constituency neighbour and NDP colleague, West Kingstown’s Daniel Cummings, as well as Minister of Tourism Saboto Caesar, parliamentary representative for South Central Windward, who asked the Speaker to allow Leacock to continue his contribution to the debate. (AA)