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Digicel’s December winner smiles all the way to the Bank

Digicel’s December winner smiles all the way to the Bank


Kazambe Miguel of Clare Valley is smiling all the way to the Bank, as just by texting ‘XMAS’ to 7171, he has won himself a whopping EC$10,000 from telecommunications provider Digicel.{{more}}

Miguel is Digicel’s December ‘Text to Win’ promotion winner. He collected his winnings last Monday at Digicel’s main office located in the Lewis Building on James Street. The cheque was handed over by Marketing Executive Justin John.

Miguel said that he was glad to win the money but was “not too excited as I won before”. The lucky dreadlocked man also won another of Digicel’s text to win promotions last year that saw him netting some EC$6000.

When asked what the winning formula was, he put it simply: “Just go at it; never give up”.

He added: “I have big plans for the money, as I am now starting up a business, so the money came at the right time”. He stressed that in his opinion Digicel is a good network and he has been with the company since he was a form 2 student at the St. Vincent Grammar School (SVGS).

“I am not done playing as I am always trying to win”, said Miguel.