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Belizean radio host now on Cross Country radio

Belizean radio host now on Cross Country radio


Rhonda Crichton, born and raised in the country of Belize, with her mother being Belizean and her father Vincentian.{{more}}

She has been in the business of broadcasting for more than fifteen years. Three and a half years ago, in Belize, she developed and introduced a radio show to her home country of Belize, which she designed to entertain her audience with her sound advice, guidance and encouragement about the personal matters of her listeners. Her grounded modern-day conservative and practical opinions and comments were instantly a hit with her audience.

In this society, we have much to be appreciative of, but as usual there are some social issues that continue to plague our society. Since starting her show, Rhonda is reminded every day of the need for positive role models that so many are yearning for. Though she is doing what she can, she is constantly striving and searching for additional ways to positively effect change in their conditions or provide them the opportunity to realize that there are better options and choices for them. As a women, Rhonda feels that there is a lot to contribute in our society, but some of us don’t realize our value and power, and too often they simply give away their power and, by extension, waste it.

Rhonda Crichton is here in St Vincent to actively syndicate her program as a way that she can reach out to people.

The name of her show is MORNING MATTERS, and people are encouraged to tune in and experience the matters of St Vincent.

Her hope and her mission are to impact people’s lives in a positive and entertaining way. Rhonda believes that most relationships are destroyed because of a lack of honesty, and too often it is honesty to ourselves that we first fail.

“If we were to be honest with ourselves, we would respect ourselves enough to not punish ourselves by living in a less than productive and pleasant relationship. I believe if there is to be change in the world, it must start one person at a time, so here I am hoping to help people to see that life is simple, sow good seeds and you can’t help but to reap great fruits!”

Rhonda’s show now airs on Cross Country Radio right here in St Vincent and the Grenadines at 11 am Mondays to Fridays, as well as and Morning Matters on Facebook.