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Brewery launches Loyalty promotion for point of sale customers

Brewery launches  Loyalty promotion for point of sale customers


Point of sale customers who purchase drinks from the St Vincent Brewery, can no longer complain about not having a chance to win goodies from the company.{{more}}

On Tuesday, January 17, the Brewery’s Regional Commercial Manager Shafia London officially announced the launch of their Loyalty promotion, which caters mainly to point of sales customers.

Addressing the media at the Brewery’s conference room at Campden Park, London explained that point of sales customers have contributed significantly to the Brewery’s establishment and this year they will be recognized for their contribution.

“…We have decided to come up with a Loyalty program where we will reward those customers for all the efforts that they have made, and also in recognition of their importance to the St Vincent Brewery Limited,” she said.

The Loyalty program is a points based system in which customers who purchase any of the Brewery’s products by the case, will receive points.

“By receiving points, they are able to cash in or redeem those points in exchange for goodies, as we call them,” London said.

According to London, customers can earn up to 60,000 points.

Alcoholic beverages are worth 10 points per case, while non-alcoholic beverages are worth 4 points.

The Commercial Manager explained that there are different levels of points at which customers can win prizes.

There is the first level or category one, where a person who has from to 400 to 1,000 points becomes eligible to win caps, T-shirts or Dominos.

In the second level, customers will have the chance to win Hairoun coolers, polo T-shirts and these can be redeemed with points of 1,400 to 7,000. This level also includes mobile phones and free credit.

By earning 50,000 points customers have the opportunity to win a Dell laptop computer. With 40,000 points, a flat screen television, 45,000 a stereo system and 60,000 points a Coco Cola bottle cooler.

“We haven’t been greedy on our prizes; we are giving freely…” the Regional Commercial Manager stated.

According to London, “A lot of our point of sales customers have been asking why they don’t have a Coco Cola cooler; well now they have the chance to earn one…

“A lot of our point of sales customers are bars and they like to entertain their customers, so the television will come in quite handy, especially for the guys when it’s sports time.

“With the laptop computer, they don’t have to hire a DJ; sometimes they can play their own music and the stereo system. They no longer have a transistor radio, it’s a stereo system that they can use to entertain their customers,” London added.

The Loyalty promotion, according to London, will be ongoing for the rest of the year.(AA)