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Bacchus in no rush to start a political party

Bacchus in no rush to start a political party


While he is ready and willing to support and contribute to any organization that has a similar objective as he, co-host of the controversial radio talk show ‘Stay Awake’ Junior Bacchus says that he is not about to join a political party.{{more}}

Bacchus, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT just hours before his Monday evening programme was set to hit the air for probably the last time, said that while he is working towards a change from the Ralph Gonsalves led Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration, he is in no rush to start a new party.

“I am in support of any movement that would find its way to unseat this ULP administration. I am not loyal to any party; I am loyal to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

“My feeling is that your goal shouldn’t be set to say you are going to start a party; my feeling is that you let people, after being fed the issues and do their analysis… decide that there is need for a new vehicle, or to refashion the vehicle to take us to that point; but it’s not for me to start from a vehicle and say that this is the vehicle to take you to this point.”

If the people feel that the vehicle is a refashioned NDP, an alternative to the NDP, or a people’s partnership like we see evolve in Trinidad, whatever that vehicle becomes, it must come from the people.”

Bacchus, along with his radio sidekick Matthew Thomas, announced that they have become disenfranchised by the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) under the leadership of Arnhim Eustace.

Bacchus said that it is time for that party to refresh itself, or go the way of other parties that no longer exist.

“My own thinking is that the NDP is due its demise.”

“Most political parties refresh themselves or become defunct in the 30 year period; the NDP has been around now for 38 years.”

“Eustace clearly, from the last election, which was his third outing as leader, has failed and people are interested in political party affiliation to get into government; it’s not about doing better than the last election; Eustace seems to be comfortable in doing better, but it is winning government, so clearly people out there are enraged and looking for some greater degree of leadership.

“My own feeling is that Eustace ought to allow the Party to refresh itself if the Party is going to survive.”

With regard to the new entity, Bacchus said that his differing view with Thomas is that the new organization; Political Reform, Equality, Socialization and Services (PRESS) should take the form of a ‘tea party’, which he said could influence transformation through events such as town hall meetings and interaction with the general public.

Bacchus said that if the individuals who come forward in support of the cause are willing, then movement towards the institution of a political party should take place.

He agreed with Thomas that by the end of March or April should be adequate time for the new entity to form itself into a party.

Bacchus indicated that there is growing interest in the ideas put forward by Thomas and himself, and he is hoping and expecting persons to come forward; since it takes more than two persons to form a political party.

“I don’t know what my future will be; but my current position is that I am not interested in being part of a political party. I’ve joined one political party in my life which was the UPM in the 1970s; since then, I’ve associated with both political parties and helped their cause, and I will continue to do that, and if for example Matthew’s plan is the one that works and a party emerges, I will give it support; that doesn’t mean I have to join it….”

He also pointed out that last night’s broadcast of ‘Stay Awake’ may be the last in its current form.

According to Bacchus, the programme will take a new direction if it is to continue on the air; whether on NICE Radio, where it is currently aired, or on any other station.

“….We will put it out… if people feel like they want the program to go on, and they are willing to finance its continuation… I have no problem working with Matthew, to facilitate and promote his agenda.”

“Tonight will be, as far as I am concerned, the last program on NICE Radio as a contribution to development; because that’s what we were doing…. If you hear Stay Awake is on next week, it’s a businessman who decided to pay and sponsor.”

“My thing is that I am no longer going to be burning out my energies for the NDP in its current shape, because they are naturally the beneficiaries of our energies.”

However, last night on the programme, co-host Matthew Thomas announced that ‘Stay Awake’ will be broadcast for at least one more week as the Managing Director of Nice Radio, Douglas DeFreitas had given them until the end of January.(JJ)