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PM’s lawyer writes lawyers for Opposition members


Legal counsel for Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has written to lawyers representing Opposition members Arnhim Eustace and Daniel Cummings, concerning his decision to discontinue matters against them.{{more}}

In letters dated 17 January, 2012, Barrister at Law Grahame Bollers informed Mira Commissiong and Emery Robertson that his client, the Prime Minister, has indicated that he intends to stop the proceedings, which have already seen judgment in his favour, and are awaiting damages.

“On the night of Wednesday, 11th January, 2012, my client verbally instructed me that he does not wish to proceed with the captioned action against your client, and that I should take all necessary steps to bring an end to the proceedings,” the letters said.

In the letter to Robertson, who represents Cummings, Bollers pointed out that judgment was already entered against the defendant for damages, the award of which is expected to be given on February 20th this year.

“Based on my client’s instructions, I will apply to the Court for leave to discontinue the proceedings by consent and at the same time I will formally write to the Registrar asking her to inform Master Taylor Alexander that there is no need for her to deliver a judgment in the matter.”

In his letter to Eustace’s lawyer, Bollers reminded Commissiong that judgment was made against her client, and that he, Gonsalves, had until March 6th, 2012, to file an application for assessment of damages.

“Your application for default judgment in respect of your counterclaim against my client was adjourned by Justice Thom to 1st February, 2012. It is unlikely that you would succeed in your application as the Claimant has already filed his defence to your counterclaim on 28th November 2011,” the letter went on to say.

“I look forward to receiving written confirmation from you that your client is amenable to the proceedings being discontinued,” they ended.

The Prime Minister, in announcing his wish to discontinue the cases, indicated that he wanted to take personal steps towards national reconciliation.(JJ)