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PM: ‘A fourth political party indicates democracy, alive and well in SVG’

PM: ‘A fourth political party indicates democracy, alive and well in SVG’


Reports that a fourth political party is in the making here is an indication that democracy is alive and well in the country.{{more}}

This was the reaction of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves to reports that Matthew Thomas and Junior Bacchus, one time supporters of the Unity Labour Party intend to form a political party.

“This is a free and democratic country, anybody can get up and form any political party that they wish to form,” Gonsalves said during a press conference on Wednesday.

He said that he noted with interest that the policy statement of the proposed party was that it is a social democratic party, which according to Gonsalves was the same as the ULP.

“So that they are saying to me that they accept the philosophy of the ULP and the people of this country have seen the manifestation of that philosophy in public practice,” the prime minister said.

“Maybe it has something to do with Ralph,” he continued, adding that the people have shown in three successive elections that they like Ralph.

“So I mean frankly speaking, I don’t think they would have very far to go. The Green Party had come along, other than the occasional press release you notice that they are most influential outside the time people are doing serious business, like for instance voting in an election,” Gonsalves said.

But while acknowledging that his comment may appear as if he was scared of political competition, Gonsalves said that he did not think that they would make much headway, but that he wished them well. (DD)