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National Theatre Arts Festival Awards ceremony this Sunday

National Theatre Arts Festival Awards ceremony this Sunday


Sixty two awards will be presented this Sunday when the Ministry of Culture hosts the National Theatre Arts Festival Awards ceremony.{{more}}

The ceremony, which takes place at the Peace Memorial Hall, will see awards being presented based on the 2011 Theatre Arts Festival, which took place from October 27 to December 4, 2011, in which six theatre groups participated.

The Awards ceremony will be held under a new format, with four primary segments, namely the Bank Of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Awards, the Ministry of Culture Awards, the National Theatre Arts Committee Awards, and the Life Time Recognition Awards.

Remarks will be made by Minister of Culture Frederick Stephenson and a Representative of the BOSVG.

There will also be a cultural presentation to bring the evening’s programme to a close.

The Awards being presented in the following areas: Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Role, and Special Awards along with the Life Time Awards which is an innovation this year.

The awards ceremony begins at 6:00 p.m.