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Customers to pay more for CWSA services

Customers to pay more for CWSA services


Customers of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) will have to pay between $5 and $30 more, beginning with their February bill.{{more}}

The announcement was made by General Manager of the Authority Garth Saunders, on Tuesday January 17, at a press conference held at their New Montrose headquarters, during which Saunders unveiled the new rates, proposed by the Authority’s board and approved by Cabinet, to be implemented next month.

The new rates indicate increases in a number of categories of domestic and commercial consumers for the delivery of water supply and provision of solid waste services.

Saunders, breaking down the new rates, said that the majority of domestic consumers will see an increase of between $5 and $10, while a small number of customers will experience an increase of between $10 and $30 per month.

“The current bill for someone using zero gallons of water is $20…because you are paying the fixed charges; on the new bill you will pay $25, so you have a $5 increase just doing nothing.”

“If you use… between zero and 2,500 gallons of water; there are 33%, one third of our consumers reside in that category… you move from $33.75 to $41.25; a $7.50 increase.”

Saunders said 75% or three quarters of their consumers use 5,000 gallons of water or less, and they will endure an increase of $10 or less for water supply and sewerage services.

“So your current bill at 5,000 gallons you pay $50; if you use the same amount of water under the new rates you will be paying $60….”

He said the consumer who is billed for 10,000 gallons will see their bill increase from $105 to $135, or by $30.

The General Manager also pointed out that medium sized commercial consumers using up to 18,000 gallons will see an increase of $13, and very large consumers, who use up to 1,400,000 gallons will endure an increase of $2,800.

Using a number of charts in his Powerpoint presentation, Saunders indicated that St. Vincent and the Grenadines; even with the new increases, is practically at the bottom of the charts, when compared with other regional territories.

According to Saunders, the new rates should see the statutory body earning an additional $4.9 million; $3.4 million in water delivery and $1.5 million in solid waste services, which he said would assist the company in its continued provision of quality services

“It’s important to understand that it’s a challenge for us at the CWSA, and we are at a point where we require additional revenue to improve our finances.”(JJ)