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New Labour Commissioner to replace retiring Roberts-Samuel

New Labour Commissioner to replace retiring Roberts-Samuel


This country will soon be getting a new Labour Commissioner, as Patrice Roberts-Samuel, who currently holds that position, will proceed on retirement leave soon.{{more}}

The announcement was made by the Minister for National Reconciliation, the Public Service, Labour, Information and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Maxwell Charles, during the Budget debate in the House of Parliament last week.

“During the past 12 months I have worked with her and being a new minister, I have learnt from her,” the minister said.

He thanked the outgoing Labour Commissioner for the contribution she made to the Department.

Charles, while not disclosing who the new Labour Commissioner is expected to be, said that he was assuring all concerned persons that the new person would be someone who was “born and bred in the labour movement.”

The minister also announced the appointment of Jacqueline Adams-Ollivierre as the Director of Postal Services.

She replaces Celene Jack, who, according to Charles, officially retired as of December 31 last year. Jack headed the St Vincent and the Grenadines Postal Corporation since 2003, Charles said.