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Cassell: Invest in your own Ebrand, young people

Cassell: Invest in your own Ebrand, young people


One of the Caribbean’s youngest Internet gurus is launching a new campaign to encourage young people to invest in their personal brand before being caught out in the cold.{{more}}

Chief Executive of Chupz ( Warren Cassell Jr. says many people in the Caribbean are still failing to take the initiative to purchase their name dot com, which could cost them hundreds of thousands later on when they try to do so.

“There are companies and people out there who are in the business of buying up personal names as domain names and then selling them back to the unsuspecting individual for thousands of dollars when they become famous or have a big following on social media platforms”, says Cassell.

He explains that with so many people worldwide sharing the same names, some people are jumping ahead of others and purchasing their domain name ahead of others, which allows them to protect their reputation, but also secure a first rating on popular Google search engine.

Cassell says he’s launched chupz dot com (, which he hopes will become one of the Caribbean’s number one domain registries to provide a one-stop service to people in the region get ahead of the game and create their Ebrand before leaving it too late to have the indecisiveness come back and bite them.

According to the young CEO, owning your own domain name is important to being successful, as it helps you to embed your brand name in the minds of people worldwide.