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Sampson finds Courts $20,000 Stash of Cash

Sampson finds Courts $20,000 Stash of Cash


While the biblical Samson used his physical power to overcome his enemies, Christopher Sampson of Chateaubelair used his psychological might to conquer the Courts Stash of Cash final draw.{{more}}

The former educator of more than two decades walked away with the maximum prize of $20,000, as the Courts promotion came to a close last Friday, January 6, at Heritage Square.

Now a counselor at the Troumaca Secondary School, Sampson said he deduced that the young woman holding briefcase number six, Lakeisha Campbell, was the person carrying the grand prize, since she was the newest addition to the Stash of Cash team which included Gary Constantine, Lenyka Roban, Nadica Providence, Anna Laborde, Antoinell Keizer, and Sampson’s former student Terranza Franklyn.

Campbell replaced Lee Andrea Matthews on the day of the final draw.

Sampson purchased a flat screen television and qualified to enter the draw, which had already seen numerous Courts customers being rewarded over $30,000 in cash and prizes compliments Courts from October to January.

On the day of the finals, the surprisingly calm Sampson was met at the Leeward bus terminal by the Stash of Cash team and Courts staff, and whisked away to Heritage Square where the regular Friday crowd as well as persons who had been following the draw eagerly awaited his arrival, while being entertained by the likes of jazz band Impac, Bomani, Skarpyon, Hance John, Shaunelle Mckenzie, and a memorable performance by the Comedy Krew.

When it was Sampson’s time to shine, the psychology major initially selected briefcase number five held by Franklyn, then at the last moment exchanged it for briefcase number six held by Lakeisha Campbell, which contained the grand prize.

A jubilant Sampson indicated that he came to the conclusion that the big bucks were in briefcase number six since its holder was the newest addition to the team.

“I thought that everyone was already accustomed to the other faces so they would put the money with the new girl.”

Sampson, who said he has no immediate plans for the Stash of Cash, says that he was very excited to win the money, although he was confident that he would win.

“I analyzed the whole situation and came up with the best possibility there was,” he added.

The Stash of Cash draw brought to an end the promotional campaigns for 2011, with Courts promising more exciting events for customers in 2012.(JJ)