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Vector Control Unit to make more regular visits to schools and other public places


Tue, Jan 10. 2012

The Vector Control Unit within the Ministry of Health will intensify its activities this year and as a result, will be making regular visits to schools and other public places.{{more}}

This announcement came from Chief Environmental Officer Rupert Doyle, who was at the time speaking to the Agency for Public Information (API).

In light of a situation recently where rodents affected the Kingstown Preparatory and Buccament Government Schools, Doyle said that the Vector Control Unit would be visiting all schools to carry out an assessment in an effort to reduce the rat population.

Doyle further explained that rats are nocturnal creatures, which prefer to visit places at nights in search of food. Once food is provided, he said the creatures will not only continue to visit, but they will stay.

“What happened in the case of the two schools is that over the holiday period, bits and pieces of food particles were left about and so rats visited and they stayed”, the Environmental Officer said.

While the Vector Control Unit has brought the situation under control, Doyle is appealing to everyone to play his or her part in keeping the environment clean and rodent free. The communities and especially farmers, he said, must make sure that farm lands, particularly those close to schools, are properly cleaned and sanitized and dispose properly of waste foods from the fields.

Everyone must work together, Doyle said. (API)