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Charles elated to have a New Year’s Day baby named after her

Charles elated to have a New Year’s Day baby named after her


Miss SVG 2011 Aviar Charles said she is overwhelmed to learn that a baby born on New Year’s Day was named after her.{{more}}

Afifa Ash of Redemption Sharpes gave birth to her daughter, Aviar, on January 1, 2012. She told SEARCHLIGHT she liked Charles so much that she decided to name her daughter after her.

Charles told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that she never expected such a thing to happen.

“I’m really flattered and humbled, and would like for nothing more than to meet both Afifa and little Aviar,” Charles said.

Charles added that when you’re placed in such a position, you become a role model. “Many persons, especially young women, look up to you so you always have to ensure that you set the right examples and I guess she saw something which made an impact on her and her life, enough so to name her daughter after me,” said Charles.

Aviar is appealing to the new mother to get in contact with her so they can meet in person. Afifa is asked to call 456-1600 or visit Aviar at the Agency for Public Information, opposite the Ministerial Building (Post Office).