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NIS opens new Social Security Resource Centre

NIS opens new Social  Security Resource Centre


Students will now have access to information on Social Security systems, as the National Insurance Services (NIS) has officially opened its Social Security Resource Centre.{{more}}

The centre was opened during a ceremony on Wednesday, January 4, 2012, on the third floor of the National Insurance Services building.

Speaking at the ceremony, Executive Director of the NIS Reginald Thomas stated that the inclusion of a resource centre in the NIS building was a way for the organization to continue to give back to the people of the country.

The resource centre, Thomas stated, will allow students to enhance their knowledge on matters pertaining to social protection, the social safety net and many more relevant topics that impact the productivity of the labour market dynamic of the country.

The centre, which Thomas said is still a work-in-progress, will also allow students to increase their knowledge in areas such as occupational health and safety, demography and its importance to the social security system and the differences between a statistician and a labour market statistician.

Welcoming all the students to use the centre, Thomas stated that the resource centre, if used correctly, will be beneficial to those who use it.

“This learning resource centre will become what you want it to become, in that, if you treat knowledge as something to be had and to be respected, knowledge in and of itself when treated that way will give you the benefits. You will reap the rewards,” Thomas said.

He also challenged the students and teachers of the schools present to submit research papers on aspects of social security such as social protection and social safety net. These papers, Thomas stated, will be submitted to an organization that the NIS is a member of. Thomas explained that the papers may find themselves in a journal that is published by the Inter American Conference on National Security, the International Social Security Association.

Also extending words of encouragement to the students present at the ceremony, Chairman of the National Insurance Board Lennox Bowman said that Social Security should be a topic that students become interested in.

He further advised students to encourage their relatives who do not pay their NIS contribution to do so, as it helps them later on in life, after they have retired.

The centre, according to Thomas, has Wireless Internet access, computers, and information regarding the reciprocal agreement between St. Vincent and CARICOM, and also information about St. Vincent and the Grenadines membership in the International Social Security Association and Inter American Conference on Social Security.

Persons wishing to access the centre must first request to do so through the secretary or receptionist at the NIS. They will then be escorted to the resource centre.

Hannif Sutherland of the NIS, speaking at the ceremony, stated that the centre has three computers to facilitate research. The computer, however, restricts access to certain websites and also has a time restriction which can be expanded upon request. (OS)