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Jocelyn still missing

Jocelyn still missing


Menelauas Jocelyn has disappeared and his family is worried sick about him.{{more}}

Jocelyn, a frequent caller to radio talk show programmes, was last seen at his Sion Hill home on Boxing Day.

Since then, the “Servant of the Lord”, as he is popularly known, has not been seen again.

Emily Jocelyn, relative of the 78-year-old man, told SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week that it is not like Menelaus to leave his home like that.

Emily said the Tuesday before Christmas was the last time she saw Menelaus.

“It was after 11:00 am. He was waiting in Little Tokyo for a van to go to Sion Hill,” she explained.

According to Emily, on Christmas Day, she spoke with Jocelyn on the telephone.

“He was singing Christmas songs and Gospel songs. Everything seemed okay to me,” she said.

Emily said one of Jocelyn’s neighbours told her that on Boxing Day, he was seen outside his gate. She added that neighbours said they had conversations with him and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“He didn’t tell anyone he was going anywhere. He is not known to go away for long periods of time. He go into town, it’s straight back home; he goes to church and it’s straight back home,” Emily said.

She said Jocelyn, who lives alone, would usually visit the sick and shut-in, and would return to his home.

However, Emily said she found it strange that when she went to the house on Boxing Day, she noticed that the main gate, garage door and a door of a bedroom downstairs were open.

“He always locks his gate and doors anytime he is leaving the house. Even if he just going across the road, he would lock his doors,” she stated.

Emily is appealing to anyone who knows and sees Menelaus to report it the nearest police station.(KW)