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Amgine makes donation to St. Benedict’s Nursery

Amgine makes donation to St. Benedict’s Nursery


For the New Year, the St. Benedict’s Day Nursery and Children’s Home kitchen was fully stocked with a variety of fruit juices and cakes, thanks to the Amgine Entertainment team, which made a surprise visit to the facility on Old Year’s day.{{more}}

“Mixing entertainment with charity is our goal,” said Kevin Robinson, one of the Directors for Amgine Entertainment, as he made the presentation to Sister Nyra Anne Pajotte, the person in charge of the Home.

Robinson explained that the entertainment company, which has been in existence since each 2008, has made it compulsory that the group make a donation to charity from the proceeds made during the hosting of their events.

“After witnessing for ourselves the operation here, we plan to make this an annual initiative. The children are our future, and the care and sacrifices made each day by the members and staff of this facility cannot go unnoticed.

“It is difficult for them (staff) here to do everything on their own as a nonprofit organization, so as much as we can assist, we will continue to. We will do so through the events that we will be hosting and from there we will make a little donation when we can…”

Upon receiving the donation, an overjoyed Sr. Nyra Anne, smiling from ear to ear, expressed to Robinson and his business partner Naticia Lewis that she was pleased to know that they considered the children at St. Benedict’s Day Nursery and Children’s Home.

“This is not the end, it is just the beginning. We have to continue to care for the children. We are very grateful to Kevin and all the other companies who take time off to help us at this time.

“Thank you all and God bless you all,” she said.

The Amgine team also used the opportunity to interact with the children at the Home. Lewis wished the children a happy New Year and promised to continue supporting the St. Benedict’s Day Nursery and Children’s Home in any way that they can.

The donation was made possible following the hosting of Amgine’s Entertainment Boxing Day event dubbed, “Hyp-No-Sis”.(AA)