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Two more lucky winners in Courts Stash of Cash promotions

Two more lucky winners in Courts Stash of Cash promotions


Two more customers of Furniture and Appliance Giants Courts can say they are a part of the Courts Stash of Cash experience.{{more}}

On Thursday, December 22, Matthew Blugh and LaVaughn Robertson racked up a total of $4,000 in the company’s Christmas promotions, just for shopping on that day.

Blugh, a resident of Peters Hope, had purchased a stereo set earlier in the day, which qualified him to be in the draw, which had a maximum pay out of $3,000.

When posed the question by Stash of Cash host Gary Constantine, which of the six briefcases he wanted to select, the Ever Ready Funeral Home employee selected number five, held by Antoinell Keizer, which contained $1,500.

An elated Blugh said that he was happy for the newly earned cash, and had not yet decided what he was going to do with it.

“It is better than nothing. It is good if you spending all the time and then you win something,” Blugh added.

Also winning on Thursday was Save A Lot employee LaVaughn Robertson of Vermont, who was represented at the draw by her daughter Angell Williams.

Williams selected briefcase number three, held by Anna LaBorde, which contained $2,500.

The ecstatic Williams, who indicated that her mom had bought a mattress to qualify for the draw, said that she was excited, and proud to win the cash for the family.

The next major Stash of Cash draw takes place on Friday, January 6, with a grand prize of up to $20,000 up for grabs.

The total amount won in the Stash of Cash promotions has now climbed to $38,000, with last Thursday’s winnings.

Meanwhile, Marketing Executive Alexis John indicated that the Courts Christmas promotion concludes at the end of the year, and continues with a large quantity of brand name products on sale this week.