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Stubbs reclaims Best Nine Mornings community title

Stubbs reclaims Best Nine Mornings community title


The village of Stubbs has recaptured the title of Best Nine Mornings community, a title it lost in 2010 to the village of Carierre.{{more}}

A mock hanging was the highlight of the Stubbs Nine Mornings programme, and no doubt assisted in Stubbs being adjudged the community which had the best combination of Christmas lights and Nine Mornings activities.

Facing the hangman’s noose were ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Bad-mind’, as the South East Development (SED) Inc., the organizers of the Nine Mornings celebrations in the area, sought to keep the tradition of “Mock Hanging” alive.

The trial lasted the duration of the Nine Mornings, in which two witnesses were called each morning for the prosecution and the defence.

Albert Harry, Lawyer “Pick Up”, represented the defence, with Kent Caine, Lawyer “Put Down”, aided by Yolande London, formed the Prosecution team.

The charges laid against the two accused were for their acts of hatred, bad mind, jealousy, divisiveness, and violence, and on the final morning last Saturday, were found guilty by the jury.

The unanimous decision pronounced by Judge Wipe Out, played by Karen Nero, resulted in swift action, as the two were hurriedly taken to the nearby bamboo gallows.

This was much to the delight of the large crowd, and the chagrin of a few, including a member of the Human Rights Association, who made a desperate plea for a stay of execution, via a telephone call to Judge Wipe Out.

As the effigies were hoisted and their necks popped, there were a few tears of sadness, but this was drowned out by vociferous approval of their eternal demise.

President of the South East Development Inc. Albert Harry told SEARCHLIGHT that the reason for his organisation’s choice of putting to death of Jealousy and Bad mind was deliberate.

“There are persons in the community who have set out to see the good things we are doing fail, so we decided to use the occasion to highlight this,” Harry said.

“But what hurts me most, these are persons who are educated and should know better,” Harry added.

The SEDI Inc. President further stated that his organisation is undaunted by the negative forces and is determined to forge ahead with its programmes.

Harry was high in praise of local dramatist and playwright Cecil “Blazer” Williams, who scripted the trial, with London putting in the final touches.

Still basking in the honour of being crowned the Best Nine Mornings Community, for the second time, following their triumph in 2009, Harry said that SEDI Inc. is already planning to repeat that feat in 2012.

Carierre had to settle for second place this year, with Richland Park placing third and the North Windward village of Point, fourth.