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Rotary celebrates 40 years

Rotary celebrates 40 years


As the Rotary Club of St. Vincent celebrated its 40th anniversary last week, the Club took time out to honour two of its outstanding members.{{more}}

Former Rotarian and Past President Jimmie Forde and current Club member Reuben John were presented with Paul Harris Fellowship pins for their significant service to Club over the years.

The men received their pins and certificates, named in honour of the Club’s founder Paul Harris, who started the world’s first Rotary club in 1905.

The awards were presented at a special ceremony held by the Club last Thursday, December 22, at the Grenadine House in Kingstown.

Forde and John, also a Past President, were lauded for their contribution to the Club over the years and were encouraged to continue their service to the country by their members.

The men thanked their peers for the recognition and vowed to continue to serve in whatever way they can.

Forde was president from 2000 to 2001, while John served as president from 2001 to 2002.

The recognition of the stalwarts was one of the events which took place as the Rotarians celebrated their milestone.

Club members past and present reminisced on the work, and other men and women who have made the club what it is today, with speeches from Bob Haydock, Vincent Hadaway, Bobby Brisbane, Moulton Mayers, and Past President Julian Ferdinand.

The Local Rotary Club was founded in 1971, with George Phillips as its Charter President.