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Alo and friends feed less fortunate fishermen

Alo and friends  feed less fortunate fishermen


Last week, over 130 fisherman and their families on the Grenadine island of Bequia were the recipients of the generosity of a group of Vincentians residing in Canada.{{more}}

For the third consecutive year, Vincentian ‘Alo’ Raguette and a group of friends put together food packages, which they distributed among the less fortunate fishermen on the island.

The group of friends spent over $26,000 to purchase 140 25lb sacks of flour; 145 25lb sacks of rice; 150 Hams; 4 cases of Milo; 12 cases of Milk; 10 cases of ketchup; 15 cases of Peas and 15 cases of Cooking oil.

Raguette, who is popularly known as ‘Alo’, said that his wish is that next year, others can join in the effort to make a difference for the less fortunate in Bequia.