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Alexander – I don’t trust ATMs anymore

Alexander – I don’t trust ATMs anymore


One person affected by a suspected Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) scam which took place here over the past week says that she now does not trust ATM cards and machines.{{more}}

Juliet Alexander, a teacher at the CW Prescod Primary School, says that despite assurances from her banking institution, she is still concerned that the persons who stole over $2,500 from her account, or persons like them, could do it again.

“I don’t trust it anymore. I don’t feel safe using the ATM machine…. Even though they told me it’s safe because of some code… the same way the person got access to the first card and got all the information on the strip, they could have the same access on the new one.”

Alexander, who was burned by the scammers last week, now says that she would prefer to line up at a bank, instead of using the new card, which she received last week and hasn’t used as yet.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, December 28, the mother of two said that her ordeal started after she used an ATM situated outside of Kingstown at about 7:00 am on Monday, December 19.

“I was getting trouble opening the door (to the machine) and somebody came to my assistance and opened the door for me and that was the last time I used the account.”

“But on Wednesday the 21st, I came into town and when I used the ATM machine, I saw a balance of $16.59.”

“I went inside and checked a good friend; but when he checked, he told me I had used the account four times since Monday.

A print out presented to Alexander pointed out that the withdrawals had been made at 9:10 pm, 9:12 pm and 9:13 pm on December 20, and at 3:49 am on December 21.

Alexander said that she denied any knowledge of the withdrawals from her account, and a subsequent investigation by the bank revealed that her account had been tampered with.

The Bank then suspended Alexander’s account and the monies withdrawn were credited to the account.

According to Alexander, the experience was a wake up call for her, since she is usually careful with her card and personal information.

She says she is concerned about how this type of crime is going to be kept under control.

“The police will have to do some serious retooling… this has me wondering how safe is this world.”

Alexander is just one of a number of persons known to have been affected by the scam.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the accounts of at least three other persons were tampered with, after they made transactions using the out of town ATM booth.

Police indicated to SEARCHLIGHT that investigations into the scam are ongoing.