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Three win LIFETIME prizes from LIME

Three win LIFETIME prizes from LIME


After three weeks of this exciting LIFETIME promotions, three more winners are now confirmed to have won LIFETIME prizes from LIME.{{more}} Artis Robinson, Lucy Ann Harry and Leona Lewis are the recent winners who will receive prizes from this country’s leading telecommunications service provider.

Artis Robinson, headteacher of the Buccament Primary School, will receive free LIFETIME mobile services. Robinson has mobile, internet and fixed line services from LIME and has chosen to accept the prize of FREE mobile services for the rest of his life. For this he will enjoy 2500 minutes LIME mobile to mobile and fixed line calls, 7 GB data and his monthly recurring charge paid on a postpaid plan.

The LIME team did not have to go too far from the Halifax Street office to meet Lucy Ann Harry. Lucy Ann, who is a cashier and store attendant at Corea’s City Store, and is quite friendly with many of her neighbors at LIME, exclaimed “WOW!!” when she was greeted by LIME General Manager Leslie Jack to announce her as the winner of FREE mobile services as one of the many winners for week three of the promotion.

Lucy Ann gleefully accepted the prize and said: “I am so excited to know that this is one bill that I will not be paying for the remainder of my life. I always made joke with some of my friends at LIME about never winning any prize, but today I can celebrate the best Christmas gift. A gift for a LIFETIME.”

Winner number 5 is Leona Lewis. The 55-year-old Sunday school teacher is not one to show her emotions. But with subdued emotions, her excitement at winning the LIFETIME fixed line prize was evident as she was able to muster a smile. Lewis said: “I haven’t been able to smile recently as I have my own issues to deal with, but this wonderful news definitely brings a smile to my face. I want to thank LIME and I have given a lot in my life so it’s nice to get something back. This is a great Christmas gift.”

The LIFETIME promotions will see a total of twenty one lucky customers winning LIFETIME prizes. Twenty customers will win fixed line, broadband and mobile prizes, and one customer will receive all three services bundled FREE for a LIFETIME. Customers, who top up, pay their bills in full and on time and purchase products and services during the promotion period qualify to win the lifetime prizes.