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SVGBC launches Be Responsible Campaign

SVGBC launches Be Responsible Campaign


As Vincentians enter the festive season, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC) officially kicked off its ‘Be Responsible’ campaign Tuesday, December 20.{{more}}

“As we head into the festive Christmas, Boxing Day weekend and Old Year’s Day, where alcohol consumption tends to be on the increase, we want the words ‘Don’t drink and Drive’ to be very present on the minds of drivers as well as persons or organizations hosting social events,” Candice Sealey, Head of Sales and Marketing of SVGBC ,said.

“Christmas is a time for enjoyment and social events, and whilst we would encourage everyone to have a good time, it is important to reiterate our key message: If you drink, don’t drive, and if you drive, don’t drink,” she continued.

Too often, people are of the opinion that it is “no big deal”, and, according to Sealey, as a responsible media entity, the management of SVGBC, with the assistance of a few of its corporate partners, decided to launch the campaign.

“As a station that has a lot of a promotion, where we afford persons the opportunity to win drinks, and as a station that endorses lots of parties, we feel it is our social responsibility to lead a campaign such as this one,” Sealey explained.

The campaign, which has already started, will run into the weekend leading up to New Year’s Day, Sealey said, and the message includes all aspects, including safety measures and an appeal to persons hosting parties.

According to Sealey, too often drivers would be seen with a drink or two in hand and it was time for them to realize that while they are behind the wheel, the lives of the passengers are in their hands.

“Sometimes you may not be the drunk one, but another driver who thinks that he only had a few and he’s okay may just come along and turn your life upside down,” Sealey said.