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Salvation Army gives back for Christmas

Salvation Army gives back for Christmas


A number of persons were yet again beneficiaries of the annual Salvation Army Christmas Distribution, as they were given parcels of food items to assist them this Christmas.{{more}}

The parcels were distributed to those in need during a special ceremony at the Salvation Army Church in Kingstown on Monday, December 19, 2011.

The ceremony, led by Major Pierre Antoine, featured lusty singing by the dense congregation and words of encouragement from Antoine and featured speaker, the Governor General’s Deputy Dame Monica Dacon.

Antoine encouraged the congregation to give thanks to God, who has been their provider and who will always provide. He also expressed his appreciation and love to the members of the congregation who all received food parcels on Monday.

Dame Monica Dacon, addressing the congregation, noted that the spirit of giving portrayed during Christmas time should be present throughout the year. Dacon added that sometimes it may seem like we put away our hearts when Christmas is over.

Dacon also commended the Salvation Army as a small church with a big outreach that offers support wherever they can. She also encouraged members of the congregation to support the Salvation Army in its endeavors.

Antoine also announced that the Salvation Army in 2012 will embark on a new project, the building of a Home for unfortunate children. Antoine stated that a team of about 45 Canadians will be arriving in St. Vincent in 2012 to assist with the project.