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Brownies host an evening of Christmas cheer

Brownies host an evening of Christmas cheer


Brownies of the Girl Guide Association treated their parents, guardians and members of the general public to an afternoon of Christmas cheer earlier this week.{{more}}

On Monday, December 19, instead of heading out to various communities to share Christmas joy as they usually do, the Brownies hosted an evening of performance at the Girl Guide Headquarters under the theme “Christmas through the Years.”

“This is the first time hosting such a big production,” Chief Commissioner for the Girl Guide Association Rechanne Matthias told SEARCHLIGHT.

“Normally, the girls will go out to different communities where they will share the Christmas spirit. We would normally be involved in distributing food baskets, soup kitchens and caroling,” Matthias said.

The packed agenda of events got underway at 4:00 pm and ended at 7:45pm. During the sessions, the audience was entertained with skits, caroling, poems, story readings and the main event, the lighting of the Christmas tree located in the yard of the Girl Guide Headquarters.

One of the most captivating events for the evening was the Brownie play entitled, “A very moody Christmas.”

Other performances included a piano solo by Morgahn Gibson, poem by Khadija Abtrobus entitled, “Christmas New Year Wish” and “Christmas Magic” by Milan Compton.

According to Matthias, proceeds from the event will be donated to the Salvation Army Kettle appeal.