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Berns: SEARCHLIGHT’s most successful vendor by far

Berns: SEARCHLIGHT’s most successful vendor by far


Bernadette “Berns” Johnson-Webb has been recognized by SEARCHLIGHT for her commitment to the newspaper.{{more}}

“Berns” or “Johnson” as she is popularly known, has a newspaper stall located under the Y De Lima building on Bay Street, Kingstown. The veteran newspaper vendor has been in the business for over 20 years and has been selling SEARCHLIGHT since the company was formed back in 1995.

According to SEARCHLIGHT’s records, Berns is the only newspaper vendor to have sold over 1,500 copies of SEARCHLIGHT in one day.

On Wednesday this week, Berns received a surprise visit from some staff members of SEARCHLIGHT, who presented her a gift bag of goodies for her Christmas.

Coincidentally, while on their way to deliver her surprise package, SEARCHLIGHT’s staff met Johnson in the Paul’s Avenue area heading towards SEARCHLIGHT’s office.

It was then that she was told that she was being awarded for her outstanding efforts in selling the newspaper.

When asked how she felt about being awarded for her contribution, with a bright smile, Burns said “I am so happy for the recognition, thank you all so very much.”

She explained that she started out selling newspapers for a lady named Miss Mucket, but after she died, she (Burns) took over the operation.

The overjoyed Burns, dressed in red and white, commended the newspaper for the quality of the product and the opportunity for her to be a part of the team as a vendor of the publication.

She also extended Christmas greetings to her many customers and than ked them for the support she has received over the years.

Commenting on the effect of the change in newspaper price in November 2010, Burns said at first, it was a minor issue, but the high sales continue.

“At first people used to complain when the price changed, but that has not affected the sales of SEARCHLIGHT,” she added.

“By far Burns is one of the best vendors that we have, and by far sells the most papers,” Executive Assistant for SEARCHLIGHT, Molicia Charles said.

Charles said it is always a pleasure to work with Burns, who always makes her payments on time.

“We are very happy to have Burns on the SEARCHLIGHT team,” Charles added.

Meanwhile, all other SEARCHLIGHT vendors were also presented with Christmas gift bags as tokens of appreciation for their service.