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McIntosh showcases her talent

McIntosh showcases her talent


Persons wishing to catch a glimpse of Erica McIntosh’s photo exhibition at the Prospect Racquet Club have just one more day in which to do so.{{more}}

The week long exhibition, which got underway last Wednesday, December 14, ends tomorrow (Wednesday), and according to McIntosh, who is better known as the proprietor of agro-processing company Erica’s Country Style, the exhibition is a demonstration of her passion for photography.

The majority of the photographs on display were taken in a 15 to 20-year period of a hobby she says spans some 35 years.

“Photography is my first love and I have been doing it for a while,” McIntosh told SEARCHLIGHT.

She minored in photography at university, while pursuing a degree in industrial micro-biology, and now in times of economic hardship, she says that her love for taking photographs has come in handy.

McIntosh still finds time to “dabble”, taking family portraits and weddings, but now is putting her years of work on canvas.

“It (photographs) looks more like an artist’s impression,” she explained.

This has captivated the public, McIntosh said, adding that the public has responded well to the display.

“The response has been overwhelming; people cannot see that this photo is on canvas,” she said.

“They say how can you put that on canvas?” saying that it really does look like a piece of artwork.

Inspiration to stage the event is based on her love for photography she said, and while digital photography has made it easier, McIntosh said that one must still exhibit good judgment in order to capture a picturesque moment.

“Every photograph has a story to tell and here there are a lot of places around the country that people don’t know,” she said. (DD)