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KFC and Pizza Hut open for business in Arnos Vale

KFC and Pizza Hut open for business in Arnos Vale


The new Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut Delivery establishments at Arnos Vale have been described as businesses that will aid in the development of the community of Arnos Vale.{{more}}

This was stated by Minister of Health and Parliamentary Representative for West St George Cecil Mckie, as he made remarks at the grand opening of both establishments on Saturday, December 17, 2011, at Arnos Vale.

Mckie stated that government expects both establishments to keep their high standards of service, establish themselves as outstanding corporate citizens and continue to work together to make sure that the partnership goes from strength to strength.

Mckie stated that the establishments are located within easy reach of members of the community, and that it is a safe and secure area.

Also making remarks, Minister of Tourism Saboto Caesar stated that the establishments are the work of the most enterprising man in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Ken Boyea.

“Today, we are here to witness the important work done by a man who has ensured that there is a careful marriage between prudence and enterprise,” Caesar said.

Caesar, noting the economic crisis in the European zone and the forecasted double dip recession in the United States of America, commended Boyea for being willing to spend towards the creation of another enterprise.

Caesar also stated that not only Vincentians will benefit from the establishments, but also tourists who visit the island. He further congratulated the Boyea family on their success.

Boyea, also giving remarks at the ceremony, stated that sales so far have been good. “We’ve been open for two weeks and I’m very pleased with the response. The sales were better than expected and I believe it will continue to be better than expected,” he said.

He added that the Super J supermarket located just next to the establishments will benefit from the KFC and Pizza Hut.

“We are feeding off each other. I believe my sales are good because of the supermarket…they’ve had some increased sales because of the KFC and Pizza Hut,” he said. He added that persons may order from Pizza Hut and go over to the supermarket to return in time to pick up their pizza order.

Boyea also recognized several persons who assisted him in the building of the establishments, including Architect Moulton Mayers and Vincent Lang from the OECC, among others. Commenting on the skills of local people, Boyea stated that years before, foreigners had to be brought into the country to assist in the building of business places. He, however, acknowledged that local skills are developing.

“I believe the next KFC I do will be done totally from local skills,” he stated. He also thanked all those persons who assisted in the realization of the businesses.

Architect Moulton Mayers told SEARCHLIGHT that the construction of the buildings in which the KFC, Pizza Hut, Super J supermarket and Mitsubishi showrooms are housed is an example of “transforming a low-keyed commercial area into an excellent and modern commercial hub.

“We all know what this area was like prior to this amazing transformation. It takes visionaries like Mr Ken Boyea to effect this kind of transformation. This is the second time he has done this. Some eight years ago in Stoney Grounds off the Leeward Highway, Ken transformed a very low-keyed commercial centre into a high profile and vibrant commercial hub. It is said when it is nice, you do it twice.”

Mayers noted that a barrier free design has been incorporated into the commercial hub, so that a physically challenged person in a wheelchair can readily navigate his or her way independently throughout the area.

He, however, cautioned that there is need for the Traffic Department of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force to “carefully analyze the traffic problem in and out of Kingstown.

“I know that this new commercial hub would impact negatively on the traffic system if an alternative route into Kingstown is not sought. I have already given them my ideas and I could only hope that the traffic department will explore and implement these ideas,” Mayers said.

The ceremony was preceded by a day of fun and games, and children also wrote wishes on balloons which were released into the sky at the end of the ceremony. The ceremony ended with fireworks, as the ribbon was cut by Boyea’s brother Stilly Fraser, after which the guests proceeded to tour the establishments.