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CCA/CRD gives new playground to Canouan

CCA/CRD gives new playground to Canouan


The annual Christmas Party at the Canouan Government School this year was a resounding success. Santa Claus was overwhelmed by the hugs and kisses he received from every one of the 225 children present.{{more}}

Not only did he give each and every child a gift and goodies, but he cut the ribbon for the brand new playground that was donated by CCA Limited and CRD Ltd, valued in excess of EC$40,000.

It was indeed a delight to behold the joy and happiness on the children’s faces as they enjoyed the slides and swings, shoots and climbing ropes. Their excitement was contagious; even the adults were caught up in the excitement and received hugs from Santa.

There was lots of food and drinks, candy, balloons and music, but nothing was able to keep the children from rushing outdoors to enjoy their spectacular playground.

Elena Korach, General Manager of CCA Limited and Chief Operations Officer of CRD Ltd, seeing the children’s excitement, beamed with pleasure while giving her speech, because as she said, “We at CCA recognize that for the children to be successful in their education, they also need to release some extra energy and to have some fun. A balance between studies and play results in more serene and well-rounded students. By extending this gesture, the children of Canouan Government School will no longer have to grow up without the chance of ever experiencing the enjoyment of a swing or a slide.”

And happiest of all were the Kindergarten teacher and children who received extra gifts that were promised for having the cleanest and best kept classroom.

The Management and Staff of CRD Ltd and CCA Limited were highly commended by the principal of Canouan Government School Jacqueline Charles for the very generous gift of the playground, in addition to the refurbishment of the school earlier this year, which was done at a cost of $350,000.

The company also gives yearly scholarships valued at $61,500.00, and of course the annual Christmas Party, sponsored by the companies, that include, all the school children on the island.

“It was a very good year for the children of Canouan Government School,” Charles stated.

She ended her speech by asking God’s continued blessing on the Management and Staff of CRD and CCA Limited.