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API broken into again

API broken into again


Employees of the Agency for Public Information (API) appear to be at their wits end, following yet another break in of their Kingstown office.{{more}}

The office, situated at Halifax Street, was visited by an unwelcome visitor last Saturday, December 17.

The intruder or intruders took away a vital tool in the agency’s dissemination of information: a video camera valued at over EC$20,000.

Officials at API believe the perpetrator may have stolen the item for resale, and are issuing a warning to unsuspecting persons not to purchase the camera, but instead, report to police if they are approached by anyone offering a video camera for sale.

A hole in the ceiling of the office library, as well as some video tapes, scattered on the library floor, indicate where the thief may have gained entry into the building, which has been burglarized on numerous occasions over the past months and years.

As recently as late November, the office was broken into and ransacked, with a transformer being removed from the premises.

Apart from the pilfered video camera, which had been purchased to replace a previously stolen one, the criminal, described as a cold-hearted killer by some employees, also took off with a kettle, which was also a replacement for one taken earlier.

According to an API official, over a short period, the office has lost, through theft, recorders, speakers, cash and other items.

Plans to have the Agency moved to a new location have been in the works for some time now, and relocation may come as early as January next year.

Police were alerted of the latest incident and are said to be investigating.(JJ)