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Young Leaders to focus on climate change


“Climate Change: Global Phenomenon, Community Solutions” is the theme for this year’s RBC/RBTT Young Leaders Programme.{{more}}

This year’s theme reflects RBC/RBBT’s commitment to environmental sustainability and to ensuring that the needs of the present are met, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. The company says that climate change is a priority environment issue which presents environmental, social and financial challenges to the global economy, human health and communities.

“Reducing our ecological footprint is therefore one of our main objectives, and should be a part of a collective effort amongst regional governments, members of the business communities, private citizens and other stakeholders,” RBC/RBTT adds.

The challenge to the young leaders this year is for them to make a difference and effect positive change, behaviours and attitudes of communities by developing initiatives to reduce environmental footprint. The challenge goes further by imploring young leaders to help others effectively address the impact of the global phenomenon of climate change across the Caribbean, community by community.

Currently, all twenty-six secondary schools are perusing this year’s terms of reference and have already submitted, or are in the process of submitting, entry forms to RBTT. The purpose of the Young Leaders Programmes is to help young people develop leadership skills and appreciate the value of teamwork in pursuing common goals;to foster care for their community and the environment; to promote thrift toward strengthening the social, moral and economic well-being of communities and to implement sustainable programmes that will have meaningful and wide ranging impact.