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Six win in Courts Mini Stash of Cash

Six win in Courts Mini Stash of Cash


Six lucky customers of Furniture and Appliance Giants Courts were rewarded for their loyalty to the company when they collected some much needed cash on the weekend.{{more}}

Last Saturday, December 10, Courts handed out a total of $6,000 to the winning shoppers who purchased items from the store in the past week, during a Mini Stash of Cash draw at the Kingstown showroom floor.

Winning the maximum $1,500 of the day were Seon Mars, a construction worker of Rockies, and Annalita Dublin of South Union, a civil servant.

Glen resident Kimolyn Fraser and Claudette Duncan of Bequia took home $1000 each, while Melissa Richards, a school teacher of Georgetown, and school librarian Kim Barker of Cedars each won $500 for their purchases of $99 or more in the store’s Christmas promotions.

The six were given the opportunity to select one of six briefcases held by the Stash of Cash beauties Anna Laborde, Lee Andrea Matthews, Lesheika Campbell, Terranza Franklyn, Antoinell Keizer and Lenyka Roban, under the guidance of the event’s host Gary Constantine, and with assistance from the shoppers and well wishers at the store.

The long time shoppers expressed their gratitude to Courts for the unexpected and well needed early Christmas gift. While some knew exactly how they were going to use the money, others were undecided.

“I feel pretty good. I am satisfied with this money, and with Courts for giving me this opportunity,” said one winner.

“I am very thankful to Courts. This is something I wasn’t expecting, and the money will go a long way,” another added.

“I have a feeling of elation: It is always good to win something.”

During the week, they had purchased items such as stoves, refrigerators, television sets, sofa sets and wardrobes, to enter the draw.

The shoppers are also eligible for the next major Stash of Cash draw, which takes place this Sunday, with a grand prize of $20,000.