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RVA offering scholarships for new environmental activist programme

RVA offering scholarships for new environmental activist programme


The Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) is offering scholarships to Vincentians to participate in a programme that will be launched at the Academy in March 2012.{{more}}

Dubbed Climate Compliance Conference (CCC), this is a new environmental activist programme that will run for ten years.

Headmaster of the RVA Stina Herberg explained to SEARCHLIGHT on Friday, December 9, that ten scholarships will be awarded to interested Vincentians for the new programme.

The scholarships will be offered for one year, during which students will spend six months training at the Academy, then journey overseas to complete the next six months on attachments.

According to Herberg, the aim of the program is to create awareness on global warming and climate change, and what we can do together to become climate compliant.

“With regard to climate compliance, we are thinking about food security, energy security and disaster security. We will study and do actions in our area to promote a better understanding and a better environment,” the headmaster explained.

To obtain a scholarship, an individual has to be down to earth, dedicated, willing to put their hands to the ground and be open minded with the will to learn more. That’s according to Shavorne Clarke, one of the teachers at the Academy.

Clarke, also a graduate from RVA, said it is a great opportunity for Vincentians to be awarded a scholarship.

“The international students came and paid their way and for such a program, ten scholarships is such a great opportunity for locals to gain the same opportunity as others who have journeyed here to study,” she added.

Sharing her experience, Clarke revealed that she studied here for six months, then journeyed to Malawi, Africa, where her interest in humanity began.

“I was involved in a programme in St. Vincent called “YES” meaning Youth Empowerment Service. This deals with health care, day-care nursery, sports and fitness. I had worked along in the field of sports and fitness with children ranging from kindergarden to grade 5.

In October 2011, I decided to return to RVA and take up this position to be a teacher and promotion assistant for the new Climate Compliance Conference.

Clarke advised that persons who are interested should telephone number 492-4574.

Richmond Vale Academy is a non-profit school located on the Leeward side of the island and trains people to be community service leaders for developing countries. Volunteers are then placed in humanitarian aid projects the Caribbean or Latin America.

RVA is part of the International DRH Movement, a worldwide group of schools involved with global issues, development work and the fight against poverty. RVA also cooperates with One World University (in Mozambique), Humana People to People and other local organizations.(AA)