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Returning nationals donate $25,000 to aid Argyle International Airport development

Returning  nationals donate  $25,000 to aid Argyle International Airport development


The Returning Nationals SVG organization has donated $25,000 to the International Airport Development Company (IADC) to aid in the development of the Argyle International Airport.{{more}}

The organization handed over the cheque to the IADC during a ceremony at the IADC office on Tuesday, December 14, 2011.

According to founding member of the organization Rebecca Isles, the organization, just three months old, comprises mostly retirees who lived in England and have returned to their homeland St. Vincent. She, however, added that they are seeking to get others involved in the efforts of the organization.

Speaking briefly during the ceremony, Sinibus Mc Millan stated that one day he woke up with the urge to assist in the development of his country. He was advised to speak to Jennifer Richardson at the IADC and decided to invest in the development of the Argyle International Airport.

Mc Millan added that they contributed to the airport because they want to see it finished.

“We want to leave something behind for future generations to remember us by,” he added.

CEO of the IADC Dr Rudy Matthias, also speaking at the ceremony, thanked the Returning Nationals SVG for their contribution, assuring them that the money will be well spent.

Matthias stated it was national pride that drove the Returning Nationals SVG organization to donate to the IADC.

He added that this type of national pride is what they are trying to instill in Vincentians. Matthias, giving a brief outline on the progress of ground works at the Argyle International Airport site, stated that construction of the terminal building has begun, and the company contracted to build the terminal is ahead of schedule. He added that by mid 2012, they will be ready to start pavement works on the runway.

Also giving remarks, Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne noted that the common thread that links Vincentians is “we are all proud to be Vincentians.” This pride, Ballantyne said, makes us interested in the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Speaking to the Returning Nationals SVG, Ballantyne said that he is very proud that they have invested in the building of the airport and thanked all the persons who contributed.

The money donated was the net amount earned from a Dinner and Dance event held by the Returning National organization on November 12, 2011, at the Aquatic Club. The dinner and dance was the first fundraising event for the organization. Isles stated that their next fundraising activity will be a barbeque.

Jennifer Richardson of the IADC also stated that individual donations to the AIA Contributory Fund are welcome. Interested persons can donate through an Account at the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines with the account number 200884.(OS)