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London replaces Murphy at St. Vincent Brewery

London replaces Murphy at St. Vincent Brewery


Shafia London has been named the St Vincent Brewery’s Regional Commercial Officer, replacing Sales and Marketing Manager Wayne Murphy.{{more}}

And on Monday, December 12, London met with members of the media to review the current marketing strategies of the company.

According to London, the open discussion centred around the existing relationship between the media and the Brewery and the image of the company.

Discussions were also held about the company’s strong points and areas that it needed to improve on.

“The company has been around for some time and we are now average in terms of our marketing efforts,” the former Executive Director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce explained.

“So, in light of a lot of competition that we have been facing, we can’t allow that,” she continued.

London said that the company was, therefore, looking to ‘rev up’ its marketing campaign beginning 2012.

“We are definitely going to double our efforts,” she said.

The strategy was to identify unique ways to bring persons back to the Brewery using the various media outlets. (DD)