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LIME’s Promenade comes to LIFE on Sundays

LIME’s Promenade comes to LIFE on Sundays


While persons engage in Sunday evening Christmas shopping, the LIME Christmas village creates the perfect entertainment and relaxation for parents and kids alike.{{more}}

The LIME Christmas Village is now in demand as persons shopping on Sundays will bring along their kids to be treated to random acts of kindness, Santa giveaways and a variety of entertainment.

The village opened on Sunday, December 4, with entertainment from famous karaoke group, Swazoo and the Crew. Hundreds flocked and jammed the sidewalk as karaoke lovers rendered their favorite songs well into the night; hours after the LIME retail store closed its doors. Santa was in the village with his usual goody bag and giveaways. Customers were treated to hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn.

Last Sunday, the entertainment heightened with local entertainer Candy Man with his version of comedy and kids participating in fun and games. Again, hundreds of parents lined the streets and the promenade was a place for photo opportunities as parents and kids posed under the manger and next to the Christmas tree.

The celebrations will end this weekend, final Sunday before Christmas, as LIME features entertainment from LIME Soca Dans and many other Parang Soca artistes. Again, hundreds are expected to flock to the promenade to be part of the excitement that makes Vincy Christmas the best there is.

LIME Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Fitz Huggins, whose brainchild the Christmas Village is, expressed happiness at how quickly the village has developed into a major Christmas venue.

“I can’t imagine what will happen if the village is not part of the Christmas program. The village activities now form part of the official Nine Morning calendar of activities.”