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Methodist pre-schoolers spread Christmas cheer

Methodist pre-schoolers spread Christmas cheer


Lots of cheers and laughs were heard at the Methodist Church Hall on Thursday, December 8, 2011, as the Methodist pre-schools of the Kingstown Chateaubelair circuit held a Christmas programme.{{more}}

Parents and guests at the event were treated to exciting renditions of Christmas carols and poems on one hand, while some pre-schoolers were timid and had to be assisted by their teachers.

The audience was reminded of ‘the reason for the season’ and of God’s love, through memory verses recited by the pre-schoolers.

The Kingstown Methodist Pre-school, the Gomea Methodist Pre-school, the Layou Methodist Pre-school and the Spring Village Methodist Pre-school all took part in the Christmas programme. Teachers also took part, presenting songs and poetry.(OS)