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Vincifresh offers new market for farmers

Vincifresh offers new market for farmers


Farmers here now have another avenue through which to sell their crops.{{more}}

Formerly known as Lauders Agro Processing (LAP), “Vincifresh is now on a high, ready to roll out a number of products,” said Minister of Agriculture, Montgomery Daniel.

During a press conference held on Wednesday December 7 at the Ministry of Agriculture conference room, it was revealed that following a merger in 2007 when WINFRESH bought majority shares of the then LAP agro-processing plant, the name of the company was changed to Vincifresh.

A number of products that are made by the agro-processing company were also on display at Wednesday’s press conference. These include: pepper chilies, green season, fruit juice, ginger syrup and dry seasonings.

All of the mentioned products are made from local agricultural produce. According to Daniel, “this means more opportunities for our farmers to have their produce sold.”

“Most importantly, is that our farmers can now look forward to another market outlet for a number of their products in the New Year. Farmers can contact Vincifresh and establish contracts in terms of supplying the various products that will be required for the number of products they are looking to produce,” he added.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism and Industry, Saboto Caesar said that it was a very exciting morning not only for him as the representative of South Central Windward where the agro processing company is located, but for every farmer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“What we are seeing here this morning with the display of these products and the display and toil of Vincifresh…is definitely going to have a positive impact and implications on the rural economy.

“Let’s take for example, the ginger syrup. This basically is the product of the hard work of our farmers in ginger and what this does is that it opens the opportunities for persons who have lands to increase their production and enter in to farming practices that can definitely give them significant returns,” he said.(AA)